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We have a great selection of equipment in our inventory that is suitable for any musical set-up:

DJ Booths

Turntables and Mixers




Backline & Musical Instruments


Our brands: Pioneer  Technics  Rane  Sound Barrier  HK Audio   Yamaha Nord Stage  


Whirlwind  Shure   DW Collector   Roland  Kurzweil  Yamaha  Pearl  Fender   Galaxy Series Sennheiser




Our event and wedding coordinator Dulce Guzmán, is a a profesional of initiative. She has years of experience managing personnel in leadership and administration positions. Going in hand with our brand's motto, this is where attention to detail is highlighted. Her creativity reinforced by our team's skill will certainly deliver impactful moments to your guests, clients and public.


As with other aspects in our productions, we have high standards for when it comes to entertainment. We choose to collaborate exclusively with talented artists in order to provide an excellent experience to the audience. We can coordinate:




Live Bands


The process of producing a stage and the scenery for events can be a handful. Allow for us to take over! Let's brainstorm together. From design to carpentry and paint-work to set-up, we've got a team of well prepared handymen to deliver the creative task. We also have illuminated dancefloors and props, let's talk about options! 


Strategic lighting is key to generate an unforgettable ambience at your special event. A spot light on a orator in a corporate event, soft colors directed to the dance floor, a lit up night amidst palms and palapas in an outdoors celebration, what would you like? Our top-quality inventory allows us to do it all. 


Our brands: LITE  TEK  MA  WiFly  ADJ



Experienced DJ’s, Varied Music Genres, Sound Equalization - Which includes equipment, labor, set-up, and an on-location Sound Technician.