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We provide audio equipment for all types of events, from weddings to corporate, gala dinners, conferences and concerts.

Tailored solutions, large or small whether you need a single set of speakers or a complete concert sound system.

We can fulfill your demands.


Our Backline equipment is Cabo's most rider friendly line available.

From keyboards to amplifiers, guitars, bass guitars, microphones, drums & cymbals, mixing consoles and Dj equipment, ranging from classic Technics 1200 to complete CDJ nexus booth, DJ mixers and DJ controllers.


Producing the stage and the scenography for your event can be an arduous task

Allow us to take over. Let's brainstorm !

From the design process to the aspects of carpentry, painting and assembly, we have well trained personnel to fulfill this creative construction.


Strategically located lighting is essential to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event.A "spot light" highlighting a speaker at a corporate event, soft light aimed to a dance floor, an "up light" between palm trees for an outdoor celebration.

What would you like? 

Our large inventory enables us to give you any solution.


A great event, always begin with a great vision and we have the tools to make it real.

Our led displays are adaptable and can be configured to fit small, medium and large setup's.

So we are ready to take your concert or corporate production to the next level.

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